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using «F-SUMMARY»!
Over 500 pharmacies purchase products online

Automatic list of products required for purchase
Instant search of products in the database of wholesalers at the lowest prices
Reduces time out for purchases
For example: with a network of 5 pharmacy branches, with an assortment of more than 1,700 items, the F-SUMMARY program Fulfills the order in 14 minutes!
Integration F-SUMMARY with 1C
The integration of F-SUMMARY with the 1C accounting program makes it possible to make auto-bookings
You will own current prices.
New suppliers price listsin convenient tables for analysis.
Profit increase up to 10%
Due to the savings in procurement.
Risk Reduction
The number of refusals from suppliers will decrease
Price comparison and procurement will become faster
Compare prices at the same time and purchase from several
wholesale companies just got easier and faster!
The number of loyal customers will increase
Due to competitive prices
You can use automatic order
Based on the analysis of the needs of goods when using software F-APTEKA

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