«F-APTEKA» — is a full-fledged complex
for a successful pharmacy business!
More than 6 000 pharmacies throughout Uzbekistan
use our software.

Full accounting of the movement of products
  • Withdrawal of balance on date
  • Failure Accounting
  • Overview of sales and profits for any period
Demand analysis
  • Automatic analysis of running and stale products
  • Average bill and average sale
Accounting for the shelf life of drugs
Shelf life of drugs is indicated by colors and is always in front of pharmacists.
Recount of products
  • An automated module that will help you recount in a pharmacy without unnecessary labor
  • Having identified the difference, the program writes off the shortage and automatically receives surplus
as well as…
Registration of the received products
  • Parish Clearance
  • Electronic invoices, invoices, reconciliation statements
  • Write-off reports
  • Returns to suppliers
Formation of a discount system
Creation of discount cards for regular customers
  • Automatic control of fixed prices and mandatory assortment in a pharmacy
  • Prescription and OTC Control
  • Issuance of a sales receipt
  • VAT
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